Calculus of Armageddon part 2

I wanted to insert this post to those of us interested in the Calculus or the system of calculating Armageddon to inform us that technology is imperative to Antichrist in his attempt to enslave the world. Socialism will be his religion to corral you but the application of scientific knowledge will be his tool to own you. The virus we’re experiencing has taken millions of jobs. But I want you to understand..while that sounds disheartening..the same virus has opened the door through which technology will now explode. Millions of jobs will be created. Stock market could, yet, soar higher than its ever been. And God knew this all along. What I’m saying is: the Church needs to expertly be ready to use this advancement to promote the Last Great Move Of God to evangelize the greatest collection of souls that’s ever been.

Then again…I just woke up and saw what I wrote.
So, none of this is probably true.
-Just saying