Calculus of Armageddon

Part of the understanding behind the Calculus of Armageddon is realizing that before there’s a final battle there must be in place an Antichrist. Before him a Beast (system) in control and identify every human. Fear will be the catalyst for it. We must be conditioned to receive “marks” to accept the final one. Therefore, Satan will create the problem, stir the problem up, and be the savior to bring the solution. Before that..wars and rumors of wars, an attempt to get rid of the elderly and such (depopulation), disease and famine, earthquakes (the earth turning inside out). There will be many saviors (Know it alls) preaching that all roads lead to heaven (Oprahs) while the world, preaches that man will deliver us. Fear must be so prevalent that even Christians will question their core beliefs. These world wide fears are designed to group us together to control us as one, like we’re facing now. (I can’t use the letters and number of it or I might be shut down. Other writings and videos are already being eliminated from view. There’s more coming to condition us to accept the coming false-one. Jesus said, “this is not the end but it is the beginning of birth pains that warns us to pay attention to what is about to unfold. And during this time..the only message under heaven that hasn’t been preached to every nation..will finally be heard. Common Christianity, with its version, has reached every nation many times over but the end never came. But one hasn’t. The end will not come until the Acts 2 Gospel, and its requirements for everyone, is witnessed everywhere. To much to write here but: Daniel saw 10 world leaders awaiting antichrist who, yet, had not been given a kingdom. John said he saw 3 kings eliminated when antichrist rises. Just for thought: these kingdom-less leaders could be leaders of Microsoft, google, fbook, etc. who rule with the man of sin for 1 hour (Rev. 17)
Their purpose is one: to give what they control, what they have power and authority the beast to rule alongside him..but never realizing they will be carrying out God’s purpose by having a common purpose in the beast. It all ends…at Armageddon.
Sorry if I bored you.
-not sorry 🤣